Barcelona Pavilion | Mies Van der Rohe

Difficult to photograph without architecture students walking into your shot wearing their luggage on a study tour pilgrimage, the Barcelona Pavilion is another building I visited in Spain in 2010. Unlike the forty or so students that were swarming over the building, I didn’t visit the pavilion while studying architecture and so to finally see this superb replica of one of the finest examples of modernist architecture, was a great conclusion to my time in Barcelona.

The building was immediately familiar – having seen it reproduced numerous times in books, mimicked in architecture school studios or simply ripped off by residential architects and developers out there in the suburbs of the western world. The thing that I enjoyed the most was the sense of serenity you feel both inside and around the pavilion spaces – the perspective lines seems to continue well past the termination at a material junction or the turn of a corner and onto another vertical plane kamagra oral jelly ajanta pharma.

For those of you that are not architects, a concise description of the building and its history can be found here:

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