Food | The New Beijing # 3 | Gung Ho!

Not quite architecture but definitely right up front in the New Beijing is Gung Ho Pizza! Founded by serial entrepreneurs John O’loghlen and Jade Gray (of the legendary Lush and Pyro Pizza) and based on their ‘style with substance’ philosophy GHP is making moves and breaking new ground on the culinary scene in Beijing.

It used to be that if you wanted pizza in Beijing you were limited to the stodgy fare provided by Annie’s and Pizza Hutt – now that GHP has arrived we no longer need to worry about the origin of the ingredients or the impact they have on the waistline. Innovative and healthy combinations such as spinach pesto and tofu, Peking duck and spring onion and spicy Xinjiang lamb with cherry tomatoes combined with a warp speed delivery service has established Gung Ho Pizza as THE choice for quality delivery pizza in Beijing.

Apparently I ranked as one of their better customers last year and so I’m talking from substantial personal experience – the great thing is that I haven’t gained any weight as a result. I have a favorite combo’ – starting with the carbonara pasta and finishing with the medium size spinach pesto pizza – all in it’s a world class meal for RMB105 (US$16).

In addition to sixteen outstanding pizza varieties there are also salads, pastas, deserts and a number of starters available on the extensive menu. If you need a drink to accompany your meal they also have wine, beer and soft-drinks available. Check out the menu here:

In order to get the best pizza in Beijing out to us while it’s still piping hot they have a fleet of environmentally friendly bikes that I saw out on delivery earlier this week.